RC Global Services Limited is incorporated in Hong Kong and is led by a management team with international finance, advisory, risk management and governance experience. The company was founded, built and structured around understanding and meeting the complex financial needs of our client families.

Our mission is to help our clients maximize the potential of their human, intellectual and financial capital by providing highly personalized counsel and an integrated suite of wealth management services.

Why Set up a Family Office?

There are many reasons why setting up a family office makes sense, but at the root of these is the desire to ensure smooth intergenerational transfer of wealth and reduce intra-family disputes. This desire inevitably increases from one generation to the next, as the complexity of managing the family’s wealth grows. Without being exhaustive, the following points set out the reasons why a family office makes sense:

  • Privacy and confidentiality.
  • Governance and management structure.
  • Alignment of interest.
  • Potential higher returns
  • Separation between family business and family’s wealth.
  • Risk management.
  • Centralization of other services.
  • Focal point for the family.
  • Cost.
  • Market, legal and tax infrastructure.