23 October, 2016


Tax and Legal Advisory

Construct a tax plan that best suits the family.
Design investment and estate planning strategies that take into account both investment and non-investment income sources and their tax implications.
Ensure all parts of the family office are tax compliant.

Risk Management and Insurance Services

Risk analysis, measurement and reporting.
Assessment of insurance requirements, policy acquisition and monitoring.
Evaluation of existing policies and titling of assets.
Evaluation of security options for clients and property.
Formulation of disaster recovery options and plans.
Protection of assets, which could involve the use of offshore accounts.
Development of strategies to ensure hedging of concentrated investment positions.
Data security and confidentiality.

Compliance and Regulatory Assistance

Strengthening the compliance and regulatory process.
Investigative due diligence.
Corporate investigations.
Group performance monitoring and compliance.
Global cyber security and investigations.
Forensic accounting.
Litigation intelligence and advisory.
Information governance.